Our Interactive entertainers add to the excitement with  choreographed routines, costumes, party favors, and  non-stop energy.  

Our events are customized to your needs. No cookie cutter parties.

Put all this together and you have an event that will be  remembered for a long time.  Let our experience and talent  make your next event incredible.

We now offer package customization that allows you to choose only the services that fit your needs. We have listed all of our available services below so that you may create your own unique entertainment package.


-DJ (4 hour reception with digital sound system)
-DJ & MC (2 man show, 4 hour reception with digital sound system)
-Interactive entertainers
-Cocktail hour music (music source, amp, and speaker)
-Wedding ceremony system (2 lavalier mics, music source, amp, and speaker)
-Party favors (up to 200 pieces)

Video Entertainment
-8' Video Projection System
-Plasma System (2- 40" Plasma Screens on stands)
-Live camera feed (Stationary Camera)
-Live camera feed (Mobile Camera with Operator)

-Party Lighting Package (4 fixtures, controller, and stands)
-Uplighting package (6 fixtures with matching gels)

Specialty Items
-Turntable DJ (4 hour performance)
-Customized lighting Effects (customized gobos)
-Personalized Party Favors
-Theme Elements (Costumes, Decorative Sets, etc)
-Party Starter Live